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  • Need to create PC-based accounts and profiles


I don't know about you but more often than not when I want to buy something on eBay I find that I have to set my alarm so I can concentrate on the bidding as the vital final seconds of the auction run down.

Either that or click 'buy now', but that just takes all the fun out of eBay. Well if you're sick of living your life to eBay deadlines I might have something you'll be interested in.

It's a mobile solution that allows you to upload listings and bid for products all from your phone.

It is all very simple. And makes a lot of sense when you think that most of the time people will be taking photos of the goods they are selling with their mobiles.

It also opens up the possibility of bidding from any location and at any time. The software is all compatible with the auction site. You can save six photos per listing without uploading.

Just take the picture and the software loads it in the listing. Then enter all the data such as profile, title, subtitle details, primary and secondary categories, prices and end date of auction.

Once you're happy with everything click submit listing and it appears on eBay in seconds. From this moment on you get mobile updates when users bid on your item.

The downside is that you need to create an account on the Midprofile website before you can do anything. This allows you to share information between Midprofile and eBay.

Then for every listing you want to submit from your mobile you will first need a profile created on your PC. This is a template patterned on a previous eBay listing, which if you don't have you need to create.

So it's not quite an independent mobile solution but it does give you more freedom.

Create eBay listings from your mobile but you'll still need PC-based accounts and profiles.

When you move to mobile, anything goes. Midprofile for eBay fits into any selling style. Everything you need to create an eBay listing is packed into your mobile device.

List on the fly and get a jumpstart on time-sensitive sales. Get away from desk work. List while you are out on the road, away on holiday, in a warehouse, storage area, or stockroom, at a tradeshow or outdoor market, even inside your garage.

If you don't want to list on the spot, Midprofile for eBay has another great advantage. Just save your work on your mobile device and send it when you're ready.

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Midprofile for eBay


Midprofile for eBay 1.0.0

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